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While we also use the WüSpace social media channels, the most direct source to follow this particular project's progress is our dev blog. It is basically a progress tracker, written directly by our developers.

2021-11-21 by Pablo Klaschka:

New Backend Tutorials

Want to get started using Telestion in your projects and building custom Verticles?

We've just released our new set of written tutorials in our documentation. They explain:

  • How to bootstrap a new Telestion project
  • How to write a custom Verticle
  • How to make your Verticle configurable to enable re-using it in various places

Check out the new tutorials on our Telestion Documentation pages, or let us know what's missing by creating a GitHub issue!

2021-11-20 by Pablo Klaschka, Ludwig Richter:

Successful dry runs with Daedalus 2

In the past few weeks, we were able to test and verify our Daedalus 2 Ground Station integration in several "dry runs".

As with any good test, we found some minor issues that we've already fixed, but the overall communication worked well, and we're now looking forward to seeing our software run "in the field".

Source code of our Daedalus 2 Ground Station project: GitHub repository

2021-08-16 by Pablo Klaschka:

New documenation site

We've just released v2.0.0 of our documentation, which uses Docusuarus v2 to give us an easier way to write our documentation.

The new documentation is available at

While we originally wanted to write our documentation using DITA (and found it very nice to use, once we got used to it), it simply proved to be too much of a challenge to onboard contributors into writing their documentation using DITA. The new approach allows us to write our documentation in Markdown plus some additional (well-documented) features using MDX, which is right up our alley with our client being developed using React.

telestion-docs on GitHub

Documentation website

2021-06-07 by Ludwig Richter, Pablo Klaschka:

Backstein's Aworking

The "Backstein" (German for "brick"), our Raspberry Pi and external SSD that runs the Telestion Application for the Daedalus 2 project, is up and running 🎉.

After a few hours of setting up the device and debugging (including friendly negotiations with the PI's Docker Daemon to please pass the serial connector through and talk to the external database 😉), we're happy to say we finally got it working and were able to receive (via UART) some telemetry MavLink messages (from an Arduino emulating the seed software), parse them (thanks to Cedric Bös' work), transform them to a more suitable data structure, log them, write them to a database (thanks to Jan Tischhöfer's database implementation), and display them in our web client.

It's great to see our D2 integration working after many have put a lot of hours into the project.

2021-05-05 by Cedric Bös:

MAVLink is now a designated repository

After extensive work the past few days I was finally able to add the reworked mavlink adapter in its own repository. 🎉

Although it may have less features now than the old adapter which was still part of the Telestion-Core, it is now fully tested and functional and is ready to be used (something what could not be said about the old implementation 😜).

Repository of the new Mavlink-Adapter

2021-05-02 by Cedric Bös:

Connection API v2 was just merged into the Telestion-Core 🥳

It surely was a longtime issue but after a hard winter semester I finally found the time to implement what can only be called a big improvement!

Before, everything that needed data, had to write network specific code which not only from a software designer's perspective is bad practice, it also led to many errors (have fun fixing those 🤪). Now however it is easier than ever to use network streams. And this is how it should be, especially in a Groundstation!

Although the new system is already in use, the old API still exists, it will probably be removed in summer though, so be quick to update! 😊

If you are interested in the progress, take a look at the PR.

2021-04-16 by Ludwig Richter, Pablo Klaschka:

Moving repos to the @wuespace GitHub organization (batch 1)

We're excited to announce that the first batch of repositories has moved to the new, official WüSpace GitHub organization.

This includes:

Soon, we'll also move the other repositories, which require a bit more manual intervention.

If you have projects using old URLs for one of these repositories, just replace "TelestionTeam" with "wuespace" 🙂

2021-04-15 by Pablo Klaschka, Ludwig Richter:

New website

After some quite extensive work, it is finally here: The web presence of our project.

It is the first in a series of relaunches of WüSpace websites and we're excited for it to now be online 🙂

2021-04-07 by Pablo Klaschka:

A presentation module

For some projects, it isn't enough to visualize the gathered data for internal use. That is also the case for the T-REX 2 project, who additionally need the option to show spectators, either in the internet by live-streaming, or live on a second screen during events, the "internals" of the project.

For this purpose, Pablo Klaschka has recently designed and developed a presentation module / widget, which seamlessly integrates into the frontend and can open a specialized view in a second window (that can then get maximized). This view can include sponsor logos, etc., and is specifically designed for presentation.

That way, potential sponsors on events get to see the system themselves, which, of course, makes a great impression ;-)