The vision of one Ground Station: Telestion

After building yet another Ground Station software for another WüSpace project, we decided that there has to be a better way. And that's how we developed Telestion.

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A (dream) team to make it work

Telestion, as all WüSpace projects, is developed by students of multiple fields of study.

This way, we all discover and learn best practices of version control systems, open-source, software development, and much more, while also working on an exciting project used in real-world projects (among others, by other WüSpace projects, such as Daedalus 2).

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A strong tech stack

With modern Java and the Vert.x framework driving our "core" components (processing data, saving it to a database, forwarding it to clients, and so on) and (live) visualization done using modern web technologies (using, among others, React and Adobe's Spectrum Design system), Telestion uses state-of-the-art, yet popular and "battle proven" technologies to do its heavy lifting.

Also, by using such popular technologies, it again feeds into the mentality of learning useful technologies and adding practical experience to one's portfolio.

Collaboration through modularity

Team-work makes the dream work, they say. And we completely agree with that statement. Being a team of students working on this project in our spare time, we can only succeed when we work together.

This is why efficient collaboration enables us to achieve great results. The modularity of our project, of course, supports this way of working.

Extensibility first

As mentioned above, Telestion is the search for a solution to not always reinvent the wheel when it comes to ground station software. Since, however, every project is different, Telestion isn't and couldn't be a "download and just run" software.

It is more of an ecosystem (including libraries, tooling, etc.) that makes it incredibly easy to build project-specific ground station software. Depending on the use case, the only thing required to build a software that perfectly fits your needs is to adjust a few config files. We do, however, strive to offer a lot of well-documented interfaces where you can also use completely custom solutions, meaning the sky's the limit for adjusting Telestion to fit your project's needs.

Open Source

Open Source

We believe that the best Ground Station software to fit (almost) every project can only exist if its development is open source.

This is why, wherever it is possible to do so, our code, ideas, and documentation is fully open-source (MIT licensed) in the @wuespace GitHub organization.

Telestion Repositories