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Framework for Your Missions

Every mission is unique, and Telestion empowers you to develop software that perfectly aligns with your mission's requirements. We simplify the software development aspects, so you can focus on building innovative solutions.

Comprehensive Fullstack Solution

Unlike many other solutions that focus on specific areas, Telestion offers a comprehensive fullstack solution. It handles both I/O and data processing on the backend while enabling you to create exceptional user interfaces using web technologies like React.

Great Developer Experience

At Telestion, we prioritize delivering a remarkable developer experience. We have chosen TypeScript as the unified language for both frontend and backend development. In addition, our services-based architecture is easy to understand, learn, and maintain.

Craft Small,
Simple, and Modular Services

Develop lightweight and modular services that provide flexibility and empower you to implement versatile functionalities.

Embracing Polyglot Development

Not a fan of TypeScript? No worries! With Telestion, you have the freedom to develop services in your preferred programming language within the framework. This flexibility also allows for easy integration of other software, such as GNU Software Defined Radio.

Eating our own dogfood

Telestion is built by a dedicated team of students who develop it for their own projects. We are users, just like you, which drives us to provide the best developer experience possible. By integrating Telestion into our own work, we continuously improve and refine the framework.

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Free and Open Source (MIT License)

Telestion is an open-source platform, offering a rich array of features for seamless integration and customization. It is licensed under the MIT License, ensuring freedom and flexibility for your projects.

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